Cooperating municipalities:

Municipalities have become key actors in the topic of climate protection. Many municipalities have set high aims for climate protection and have developed corresponding concepts. Because they are close to the problems and solutions, they are essential. The project includes challenges of communal politics like noise prevention, quarter management and urban development promotion program in order to show synergies and utilize them. The transdisciplinary project SANDY cooperates with the cities Baunatal (HE), Dortmund (NRW), Garching (BY), Hamm (NRW), Hauzenberg (BY) and Homberg (Efze) (HE). As cooperating municipalities, they have a double role: On the one hand they are the research object, on the other hand they participate in and help to design the research process as far as possible.


The partner municipalities are permanently informed, listened to and ask about the coming problems of the research design, its execution and implementation in order to utilize their practical knowledge for the project and work on the problems appropriately.